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Outreach to the Classroom

Bring the museum to your classroom or your local group! The Mosaic Templars Cultural Center offers presentations to school and youth groups throughout the state. Programs on Arkansas's African American communities, art, music, politics and entrepreneurship are available. Education Department staff members will travel anywhere in Arkansas free of charge to provide these programs. To schedule a program contact the Education Department at 501-683-3592.

All MTCC programs are tied to the current Arkansas Department of Education Curriculum Frameworks. Click here for a quick reference guide to our Outreach programs and the Curriculum Frameworks.

Freedom Summer

Grades PK - 2

Maximum group size: 40 students per session

This hands-on program focuses on friendship and civil rights activism in Arkansas through literature and images related to Arkansas's desegregation of public services. This program concludes with participants making friendship bracelets that they can keep as a souvenir.

Life Masks

Grades PK - 4

Maximum group size: 35 students per session

Nationally recognized artist Isaac Scott Hathaway created life and death masks of notable black Americans, including several black Arkansans. After examining the masks of Hathaway as well as other examples of life masks from other cultures and time periods, students will create their own cardboard "life masks."

Zin! Pluck! Bang!

Grades PK - 4
Maximum group size: 40 students per session

This hands-on program focuses on the musical talents of Arkansas-reared, nationally-acclaimed, classical composer William Grant Still. Students will see, hear, and touch different musical instruments and learn about a symphonic orchestra and get a chance to be musicians!

"What's the Buzz?"

Grades 1 - 6

Maximum group size: 40 students per session

What's the Buzz teaches about the Harris wasp that Arkansas native Dr. E. J. Harris helped genetically engineer to destroy fruit flies which cause great amounts of fruit to be destroyed around the world. At the end of the program, students get to make their own egg carton "insects." Dr. Harris was born in North Little Rock and is inducted in the Arkansas Black Hall of Fame.

Gee, What's Ge?: Introducing Artist Isaac Scott Hathaway

Grades 2 - 12

Maximum group size: 30 students per session

This hands-on art program introduces students to the nationally recognized art of African American sculptor, ceramicist and illustrator Isaac Scott Hathaway, who created sculptures of notable African Americans.

Speaking Up, Speaking Out

Grades 4 - 12

Maximum group size: 35 students per session

Buttons have been used for decades to express political opinions and were especially popular during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s. In this program, students will use their artistic ability to design and create their own wearable buttons to speak up and speak out.


Grades 4 - 12

Maximum group size: 50 students per session

This program gives students an understanding of the entrepreneurial spirit of Arkansas's African American community in the early twentieth century through an interactive presentation.


Quick Reference Guide to Arkansas Department of Education Curriculum Frameworks

Programs Grade Student Limit Program
on Activities
Freedom Summer PK - 2 40 40 min Y H.6.1.7 and H.6.2.8
Life Masks PK - 4 35 40-60 min Y H.6.K.3, H.6.2.3, H.6.3.2, A.1.1, A.2.2 and A.3.7
Zin! Pluck! Bang! PK - 4 40 40 min Y H.6.K.3, H.6.2.3, H.6.3.2, M.1.2, M.5.3 and M.4.4
What's the Buzz? 1 - 6 40 45 min Y LS.2.1.1, LS.2.2.1, LS.2.3.1, LS.2.4.2, LS.4.4.2, LS.4.5.14, H.6.2.3, and H.6.3.2
Gee, What's Ge 2 - 12 30 1 hour Y H.6.2.3, W.7.AH.7-8.1, W.7.AH.9-12.2, A.1.1, A.1.2, A.1.5, A.2.1, and A.2.16
Speaking Up, Speaking Out 4 - 12 35 45 min Y C.5.5.15, C.6.14, WWP.9.AH.7-8.4 and WWP.9.AH.7-8.4
Entreprecation 4 - 12 50 45 min N H.6.4.12, E.8.3.5, and E.8.4.5

Quick Reference Guide to Arkansas Department of Education Curriculum Frameworks
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