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Mosaic Templars Cultural Center - Friday, May 29, 2020

We are living through a historic event. We are experiencing firsthand the kind of event that alters social constructs, company protocols, societal norms and ultimately, our understanding of who among us is an essential worker. We are navigating the kind of historic event that will be turned into books, documentaries, museum exhibits and scientific studies in every field.

Believe me when I say that it is ok if you are just surviving from day to day. We are all trying to find our new normal – working from home, teaching children online, helping teach our own children, caring for older family members, finishing projects around the house, meeting neighbors for the first time, practicing self-care or even just having an extra cup of coffee in the morning. The Mosaic Templars Cultural Center is no different. The world is discovering what a museum looks like when it is not contained in a display case or even a building, and the MTCC staff is evolving to embrace this new normal.

MTCC’s Education Department has always provided resources for teachers, usually focused solely on teaching Arkansas Black History. While this important work will continue, we are pivoting during this unprecedented time to provide a more holistic support for those of you who depend on us. We have curated a list of webinars and videos we hope will be helpful to you as we all learn about what education might look like in the next school year and what our world might look like moving forward.

These are just some of the resources that we found on a variety of pertinent topics. We will continue to look for helpful resources and welcome any submissions from you as well. Please send us the link to any educational materials or videos that you have found helpful during this time ([email protected]).

We look forward to seeing you soon, but for now, we are happy to support you in any way we can. Be well.


General Interest

Aerial America: Arkansas - video

How Museums can change Lives.TEDx

How I learned to stop hating and love museums. TEDx

Don't ask where I'm from, ask where I'm local. TEDx

Why governments should prioritize well-being. TEDx

The political power of being a good neighbor. TEDx

How to build your confidence and spark it in others. TEDx

What's needed to bring the US voting system into the 21st century.TEDx

How to deconstruct racism, one headline at a time. TEDx

How education helped me rewrite my life. TEDx


Teaching during COVID-19

Serving America's Most Vulnerable Students During Coronavirus Closures - webinar

Leading and Inspiring Through Uncertain Times - webinar

Looking Ahead: Planning for Education in a Post-COVID-19 World - webinar

This Is Not What I Learned In School - webinar

Promote Equitable Teaching Practices AND Focus on Content & Connections - Don't Settle for Only One! - webinar


Teaching Black History

Celebrating Black History With The New York Times - website

From Slavery to Civil Rights: A Timeline of AfricanAmerican History from the LOC - website

Media Tactics - Daisy Bates: First Lady of Little Rock - lesson

ITVS - African American History Resources

rethinking schools - periodical

Teaching Tolerance - Teaching Hard History


Teaching English Language Arts

Keeping Your Upper-Elementary and Middle School Students Hooked on Words While at Home - webinar

Building Agency, Fostering Identities, and Promoting Social Change via Social Justice Contexts - webinar

Academic Language: Unlocking the Language Advantage for All Students - webinar

Build Your Digital Summer Reading Program: Tips to Create Great Engagement and Avoid Learning Loss - webinar


Teaching Mathematics

Supporting Students with Disabilities in a General Education Class - webinar

Supporting Students' Pathways through the Cycle of Inquiry and Justification - webinar


Teaching Social Studies/History

Become a Smithsonian Learning Lab Reviewer - survey

Elementary Inquiry: K-12 Vertical Alignment for Teaching Research Skills to Our Youngest Learners - webinar

Foundations: Analyzing Primary Sources from the Library of Congress - webinar

National Council for the Social Studies - Institutes and Webinars


Teaching STEAM

Provoking Curiosity: Student-Led STEAM Learning for PreK to Third Grade - webinar

Innovation Hub

Teacher Resources from the Smithsonian


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