Creative Story Writing Contest Winners Announced

Mosaic Templars Cultural Center - Thursday, July 06, 2017

Mosaic Templars Cultural Center hosted its first ever Creative Story Writing Contest in conjunction with Juneteenth 2017. The theme was “Freedom” and the contest was open to students in grades 2-12. The four winning students, along with excerpts from their stories, are listed below.

Angela Lou, “Walking to the Light”

At midnight, Elizabeth took her bundle of the few things she owned and crept out. Following the North Star, Elizabeth went on her way through the forests and rivers. I don't care if I get caught, thought Elizabeth, I would risk everything for freedom.

In the last few days, Elizabeth had been walking nonstop during the night and was careful not to get caught. Surviving on stolen food, nuts, berries, and wild vegetables, Elizabeth managed to make it to Lake Erie.

Arriving at the lake, Elizabeth sneaked onto a boat and hid on the deck. She stood up and pretended to be one of the passengers when the boat started to cross the lake to Canada.

All Elizabeth thought of was freedom. Freedom and her friends, Caroline Alice Smith and Charles James Smith. She didn't think about the torture she had suffered or her painful past. Instead, she looked forward to a hopeful future, a future of being free.

Anna Reynolds, “My Boy in Heaven”

Then, I realize the only thing possible: a distraction. Before my husband can stop me, before anyone can stop me, I shove Abigail into his arms, and whisper, “Take care of our baby, Henry.” I kiss him on the lips, and run to the guards, away from the others. “Over here! Over here!” I scream, my dark hand waving in the air. One of the white men spots me, and runs over, calling over his shoulder. My husband can’t even risk looking back as he runs away with Abigail, my sweet child.

The white man grabs my arms, and forces them behind my back. I cry out in pain, my back still sore from the heavy lifting I was forced to do. He points his gun at me. I hear the bullet ring as it sails through the air, and hits me.

Lord, let me join my boy up in Heaven. Let me join my sweet boy. I fall to the ground, and I see a light ahead. An otherworldly light. I see Jesus, his hand on my boy’s shoulder. I see my boy, my sweet, beautiful boy, Ben, waving to me. He beckons for me to come to him. The last I see is the light growing, until I am in Heaven. Until it is I with my hand on my boy’s shoulder. Until it is I, with my boy in Heaven.

Sydney Montgomery, “Freedom Story”

Kaya loved music and when music came to her mind it made her think of freedom. The thought of music made Kaya feel free. And when she would have a bad day, listening to music made her feel happy. Kaya sang at home, at her local church and in her school choir. The songs that she sang always had a powerful spirit of freedom in each note. Through her research, she came to know the powerful place in history that Marian Anderson had while singing at The March on Washington and how James Brown was able to stop a riot in Boston, after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. She even learned how past greats like Harry Belafonte not only sang, but spoke truth to power, as a political activist. Kaya’s research took her overseas, as she studied great musicians like Dizzie Gillespie and Louis Armstrong, who traveled internationally and served as a kind of ambassador for America. The knowledge she gained changed her as a young girl and motivated her to get more involved with music.

Michal Griffith, “John’s Fight for Freedom”

Many black activists/leaders inspired him to quit smoking. Every time he took the medicine he was one dose closer to quitting. Soon after quitting he opened a tobacco therapy clinic with his help other people quit too.

John’s clinic was so popular he was recognized by the BBB (Better Business Bureau). John was even asked to be on a local news show and on national T.V.

Later in life, John got married and had twins. John’s success as an entrepreneur was phenomenal. John has overcome many obstacles in life. You will too.

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