Current Exhibit

Juneteenth attendees will have the first opportunity to view the museum’s newest exhibit, “Finding Freedom in the Forest: Opportunities and Challenges for African Americans in the Timber Industry,” which will open at the event on June 15, 2019. This exhibition is a family friendly experience designed to explore the history of the timber industry through the lens of African Americans in Arkansas.

“Finding Freedom in the Forest” will feature engaging topics such as the history of lumber towns in Arkansas and African American soldiers who used skills learned in the logging industry to build trenches in WWI Europe.

The exhibit will incorporate a diorama of 1920s Crossett, Ark., including a working model train and railroad to illustrate the vital role that railroads had on the expansion of the logging industry in Arkansas.

A children’s gallery will provide a multisensory experience showcasing the beauty and grandeur of the forest.



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