Shutt, Christina

Christina Shutt

 email       501.683.3617
Fletcher, Quantia

Quantia Fletcher

Deputy Director
 email      501-683-3593
Sabrina Taylor

Sabrina D. Taylor

Director's Assistant
 email      501.683.3617


McDade, Bryan

Bryan McDade

Curator of Collections
 email      501-683-6278

Community Relations & Marketing

Jaimie D. Wright

Jaimie D. Wright

Director of Development
 email      501.683.3620
Thomas, Deann

Deann Thomas

Public Information Officer
 email      501.324.9597


Desara Grant

Desara Grant

Museum Program Assistant & Volunteer Coordinator
 email      501-683-3610
Rodgers, Brian

Brian Rodgers

Community Liaison
 email      501.683.3636
Stanley, Christen

Christen Stanley

Director of Education
 email      501-683-3592

Facility Maintenance & Security

Dawna Baker

Dawna Baker

Facility Rental Coordinator
 email      501-683-3593

Museum Store

Hall, Kelli

Kelli Hall

Museum Store Manager
 email      501-683-3593